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Surgerical Gum Treatments

All is not lost when you have gum disease, an infection of the gums that begins with the milder form, gingivitis, and can develop into the more severe stage, periodontitis. Fortunately, these diseases can be treated by various means. The goals of gum treatments are to control infection, prevent tooth loss and prevent the disease from causing permanent damage to tissues.

Mobile Teeth Solutions- Periodontal Splinting

The ligating, tying, or joining of periodontal involved teeth to one another in order to stabilize and immobilize the affected teeth. Mobile lower anterior teeth is a common complaint of dental patients with fairly advanced periodontal disease. The treating of these mobile teeth is often not very successful. The mobility is caused by a loss of supporting bone around the roots of the teeth. The most logical way to treat the mobility once the active periodontal disease is under control would be to splint these mobile teeth. Various methods of splinting are employed by dentists. The most frequently used technique is to use orthodontic stainless steel wire and glass fibre splint.

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